• Restorer Ultimate for Mac

Recover Deleted Files from Mac Disks

Due to specifics of file deletion on Mac disks (the HFS/HFS+ file system), deleted files cannot be recovered directly. Therefore, recovery using the Raw File Search is required.

To recover deleted files from a Mac disk,

1 Select the Mac disk where the deleted files resided on the Device/Disk list and click the Next button
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Device/Disk list panel

2 Select Disk Scan on the File search/Disk scan panel and click the Next button
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File search/Disk scan panel

3 S pecify the following parameters on the Scan dialog box and click the OK button

To reach the it click the Change Scan Options button or Actions->Set scan options on Task List .

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Scan dialog box

Click to expand/collapse Required scan options

You may see more information about scan option on the Disk Scan topic.

> Restorer Ultimate starts scanning the disk, and its panel will show the scan progress:
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Scan progress panel panel

> When scan is complete,click Next and Restorer Ultimate will show the found files on the scanned disk
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Folders/Contents panel

Deleted files may be found in the Lost Files folder under a corresponding file type. No file names or folder structure can be recovered in this case. You may find required files by looking at their file size preview them.

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File preview

3 Select files to recover and click the Next button
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File preview

4 Specify recovery options, select the target folder for recovered files on the Recover panel and click the Next button.


Or you may obtain unpredictable results and lose all your data.

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Recovery options panel panel

See more information about recovery options on the Recover Files from Existing Logical Disks topic.

> Restorer Ultimate will recover the selected and marked files to the specified folder.

The Recovery results panel will show the results.

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Recovery results panel

See more about file recovery process on the Recover Files from Existing Logical Disks topic.

Click the Finish button to return to the Device/Disk list panel.

Find and Mark Files

Previewing Files

File Masks