SecretBurner is a system utility that destroys all sensitive or confidential information on your computer. SecretBurner's secure delete and wipe algorithms make it impossible for your data to be undeleted or recovered by any known computer forensics technique. SecretBurner lets you permanently delete files that may contain sensitive information, including records of your online and offline activities, internet history, browser cookies, passwords and form data entered on web pages, temporary files, trace data written by various applications, and even unused disk space (which may contain remnants of previous files, even if the drive has been reformatted).

SecretBurner combines its powerful and reliable computer cleaning engine with a highly intuitive user interface. This lets novice users utilize the full range of data wiping features without enduring a learning curve or going through extensive training. Meanwhile, experienced users can quickly access advanced features from the very same interface without feeling limited or hampered by the graphical user interface.

Why SecretBurner is Essential on Every PC

Hidden data stored on your computer puts your privacy at risk. SecretBurner securely erases this data, protecting you from identity theft, legal liability and information leaks.

Whether at home, at work or in public, computers play an increasingly larger role in our daily activities. From sharing photos with friends and family to filing tax returns and conducting business, our computers serve as intermediaries for the information we share with others. Technology has integrated so seamlessly into our work and play that we hardly even notice that we are typing our personal information, our trade secrets, our PIN numbers and other sensitive information into a computer each time we use this information. Many of us are even less aware that our computers are spying on us this whole time.

Virtually every piece of information that's been entered into your computer remains somewhere within it. Your computer constantly, systematically and accurately records any action you've made when using it. It makes temporary copies of all files you've ever opened, it keeps a history of all web sites you've ever visited (including any passwords or form data you've entered), it stores lists of videos you've watched, music you've listened to, files opened in various applications, and so on. And even though some of this data is meant to be temporary, your computer doesn't always delete it promptly. Sometimes it never gets deleted.

Moreover, when you delete a file, your computer doesn't actually remove it. It simply marks the space the file has occupied as "free," so other applications can use the disk space for new data. The contents of the old file remain on the disk until the file is overwritten by some other data. If you have a large amount of free space on your hard drive, it could be years before that newly marked "free" space is needed. Meanwhile, that data can very easily be undeleted using any number of data recovery utilities that are widely available for less than $50 and easy enough for an amateur to use (we should know - we make them!).

Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers all store this hidden information to comparable degrees. But this isn't some evil conspiracy. To put it simply, computers do this to speed up their work and make your user experience more convenient. But these features can easily be abused by users other than yourself. From the casual snooper peeping at your internet browser history or hackers stealing your credit card numbers to corporate spies trawling for proprietary information or governments spying on dissidents, this hidden data on your computer is a treasure trove for both Big Brothers and two-bit criminals. To make matters worse, this data can be accessed through a number of means: by remotely hacking into your PC via the Internet, by copying files off your hard drive onto a USB drive while you are away from your desk or by simply picking your computer out of the trash.

Fortunately, SecretBurner can protect your privacy in all of the above cases.

How SecretBurner Protects Your Privacy

The best way to prevent your sensitive data from being exposed to the wrong parties is to completely and irreversibly burn down (or "wipe") all that information off your system. Unfortunately, standard operating systems do not support secure wiping methods that clean all traces of data from your computer. That's why we developed SecretBurner. SecretBurner works by revealing this hidden information, deleting it, and then sanitizing the "free" space left behind.

SecretBurner eradicates files and other information completely and permanently. After burning files or data, there is no way to recover the information. Even the most advanced file recovery software will not be able to undelete your data. Proceed with care and only burn files that you are absolutely certain you no longer need.

SecretBurner Features
File wiping and unused disk space sanitization
  • File wiping from File Burner tab or Windows Explorer shell integration (wipe a file by right-clicking it in Windows Explorer).
  • Wipe unused space on multiple disks at once.
  • Wipe list: specify a list of files and folders to be wiped by SecretBurner every time a secret burning task starts.
  • Fast or strong wiping algorithms.
  • Wipes file alternate data streams (NTFS).
  • Wipes cluster tips (slack space): securely erases the unused space at the end of the last cluster allocated to a file.
  • Wipes records of small files stored directly in the NTFS Master File Table (MFT).
Total computer cleaning:
  • Locate and delete (faster but less secure) or wipe (slower but more secure) all system, internet and application activity logs, trace data and temporary files.
Internet activity:
  • Wipe and delete temporary internet files.
  • Wipe and delete cookies: small files that web sites store on your computer for identification purposes. Cookies from your favorite websites may be safely kept.
  • Clean autocomplete forms: logins, user names, passwords and other personal information entered on web sites, as well as keywords entered into search engines.
  • Clean history: lists of visited web sites.
System cleaning
  • Clean Windows clipboard content.
  • Wipe and delete temporary files created by Windows and other programs.
  • Clean list of recently opened documents.
  • Clean system run history stored in Windows Registry.
  • Clean lists of most frequently used programs, Start menu links and icons.
  • Wipe and delete the contents of the Recycle Bin.
Application traces
  • Clean activity traces from Microsoft Office, standard Windows applications, and numerous popular third-party applications. Installed applications are detected automatically.
Versatile yet simple-to-use interface
  • Two modes for settings items to clean: Manual mode and Slider mode.
  • Schedule secret burning tasks based on a date or a certain system event (startup, shutdown, etc.).
  • Password protection.
  • Flexible parameter settings.