• Restorer Ultimate for Mac

Multiple Scans

If the selected object has been scanned, you may rescan it either completely or with new scan parameters. If the selected object has been scanned partially, you may scan the rest of the object, ignore the existing scan information and scan the entire object, or specify scan parameters manually.

Restorer Ultimate accumulates the information from successive scans and keeps track of changes in this information obtained from different scans.

You may make several scans of successive or overlapping areas. Click the Advanced button, specify an offset and size for a new area to scan on the Advanced Scan dialog box and click the Add button. You may specify and add several scan areas. You may select which areas should be scanned. Selected scan areas can be merged. Control-click a necessary area and select either Merge Down , Merge Down All , and Merge Selected on the contextual menu

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Advanced Scan dialog box