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SecretBurner is a program that helps you destroy all information on your computer that you don't want to be seen by anyone else. That includes files you want to destroy, records of your on-line and off-line activities, such as internet history, browser cookies, passwords and forms you entered on web pages, temporary files, traces of various application, and even unused disk space. SecretBurner , at your wish, may either simply delete those traces or burn (securely wipe) them to protect from recovery.

What can be found on your computers to breach into your privacy and even help to steal your identity

You may be surprised, but your computer is the worst spy on you. Virtually, every piece of information that once entered your computer remains somewhere within it. It constantly, systematically, and accurately records any move you've made when using it. It makes temporary copies of all files you've ever opened, and not always deletes them, it keeps track of all web sites you've ever visited, (and even keeps their passwords), stores lists of movies you ever watched, music listened to, files opened in various applications, and so on. Moreover, when you delete a file, your computer doesn't actually remove it. It simply marks the space the file has occupied as "free", but the file's content remains on the disk until overwritten by some other data. And there are a lot of file unerase and recovery utilities for less than $50 out there that can easily restore those files.

Well, this is not a world-wide evil conspiracy of Microsoft, Linux and Macintosh machines do the same and in the same proportions. To put it simply, computers do that to speed up their work. But quite often those features are abused by many, starting from casual snoopers who may peep at the history in your browser, to hackers who want to steal your credit card numbers, and to really Big Brothers (you name them) who want to learn about you more than you want them to. And they can do that even remotely hacking into your computer through the Internet.

How SecretBurner protects your privacy

The best way to not let all of those curious ones go too deep into your private affairs is to completely and irreversibly burn down (or "wipe") all that information off your system. Unfortunately, computer systems don't have routines that might clean all those traces. That's why we developed SecretBurner .

And Last but Not the Least:

When your burn your files or other information using SecretBurner, there's no way to recover them. No file recovery software, even the most advanced one, can help. So, be VERY careful!!

How to:

Burn your files and folders

Burn the content of the Recycle Bin

Clean your computer

Set a scheduled secret burning task


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