Internet Activity

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Internet activity

SecretBurner automatically detects installed browsers and show them on the Internet Activity section

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Internet section


Below are the items for Internet Explorer


A list of cookies – small files that various web sites store on our computer to identify you and trace your activity on the sites. They may be used to create a very long-term history of your internet activity.

You may keep some cookies from cleaning if you want some sites to automatically identify you. Click the Tune button and select the cookies you want not to be deleted.

Download history

A list of files that you have downloaded. When you clean the list, you remove the records of the files, not the files themselves.

Entered site addresses

A list of site addresses you have entered into the Address bar of the browser.

Form data and passwords

Texts and passwords entered in various forms at web pages.


A list of links to various pages, files, and sites your have visited on the Internet.

Temporary Internet files

Files created by the browser to store cached content of web sites you have visited. That includes web pages, video, audio, and other multimedia files.


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