• Restorer Ultimate for Mac

Introduction to Restorer Ultimate for Mac

Restorer Ultimate for Mac is a new generation of data recovery software that brings professional data recovery into the Mac world. That includes support for non-Macintosh file systems, a RAID reconstruction module, text/hexadecimal editor, disk imaging, network data recovery (including over the Internet), and many more. With that reach feature set, R-Ultimate for Mac turns your Mac computer into a powerful data recovery station that overcomes in its abilities most of the Windows-based machines. And all those complex data recovery features can be reached through a very intuitive easy-to-use wizard-oriented user interface that guides even novices through all necessary data recovery steps.

As long as your system's hardware is functional, Restorer Ultimate for Mac may be the only solution you need for all your data recovery and undelete tasks. Using Restorer Ultimate for Mac as do-it-yourself file recovery software or as a professional data recovery station, you can quickly and easily restore your files and save your time, money, and resources.

Restorer Ultimate for Mac Network has all the features and benefits of Restorer Ultimate for Mac and adds data recovery over network. That allows Restorer Ultimate for Mac Network to connect to a remote computer, open and scan its hard drives, partitions or their parts and recover files much the same way as for local devices. The image file of disk on the remote computer can be created, saved and accessed, over the network as well.

A service utility Restorer Ultimate for Mac Remote Engine should to be installed on the remote computer to enable access by Restorer Ultimate for Mac Network. The Remote Engine supports TCP/IP protocol.

Restorer Ultimate for Mac Remote Emergency Engine is a tool that allows you to start a network computer that cannot start the normal way due to operating system failure. It provides the same access to the remote computer's hard drives as Remote Engine does and recover data stored on those hard drives. Then restored data can be transferred to a working computer via the network.

Restorer Ultimate for Mac and Restorer Ultimate for Mac Network working in the DEMO mode allow you to evaluate all features and capabilities of the software and display your hard drive (partition) structure with deleted files and folders. In the DEMO mode you can recover files with size up to 128 kb and preview all graphic, video and audio files even if their size is bigger than 128 kb. The software can be activated on-the-fly and files bigger than 128 kb can be recovered right after the software activation. You do not need to reopen or rescan the hard drive if your lost files were found in the DEMO mode. Also, in the DEMO mode you can create an image file of the entire disk, partition or its part and save it for further investigations. The image file contains the exact, byte-by-byte copy of the hard drive, partition or logical disk and can be used like a regular disk for data recovery purposes.