• Restorer Ultimate Documentation

Raw File Search

(Available on Restorer Ultimate PRO and Restorer Ultimate PRO Network only)

While scanning, Restorer Ultimate can find files created by various programs by file signatures or byte patterns in the files common to each file of that particular types.

Note : Using Raw File Search, Restorer Ultimate can successfully recover only un-fragmented files.

You may set the defaults for raw fi on the Settings .

By default, Restorer Ultimate tries to recognize all supported file types, greatly increasing time required for the scan. You may reduce it by selecting only those file types that you need. Click the Change Raw File Search Options button or Actions->Set raw file search options... on the Task List and select the required file types on the Raw File Search dialog box.

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Raw File Search dialog box dialog box

Restorer Ultimate shows found such files on the Folders panel as Lost Files .

List of file types Restorer Ultimate recognizes:


7-Zip archive: .7z

ACE archive: .ace

AIN archive: .ain

ARJ archive: .arj

ARX archive: .arx

Android Package: .apk

BAG archive: .bag

BIX archive: .bix

BZip2 archive: .bz2

CPIO archive: .cpio

ChArc archive: .chz

Compress archive: .z

Crush archive: .cru

DEB archive: .deb

FOXSQZ archive: .sqz

GZip archive: .gz

HA archive: .ha

HPack archive: .hpk

InstallShield CAB archive: .cab

InstallShield Z archive: .z

InstallShield compressed file:

JAR archive: .j, .jar

JRchive archive: .jrc

LHA/LHarc archive: .lzh, .lha

LZA archive: .lzz, .lza

LZOP archive: .lzo, .lzop

LZX archive: .lzx

Limit archive: .lim

Microsoft Cabinet archive: .cab

Microsoft Compress compressed file:

QFC archive: .qfc

Quantum archive: .q, .pak

Quark archive: .ark

RAR archive: .rar

RPM archive: .rpm

SQZ archive: .sqz

SZip archive:

StuffIt archive: .sit

TAR archive: .tar

UFA archive: .ufa

UHArc archive: .uha

UltraCompressor 2 archive: .uc2

Windows Installer Merge Module: .msm

Windows Installer Package: .msi

Windows Installer Patch: .msp

Windows Installer Patch Creation File: .pcp

Windows Installer Validation Module: .cub

YAC archive: .yc

ZIP archive: .zip

ZOO archive: .zoo

ZZip archive: .zz

iOS Package: .ipa

xz archive: .xz




Other files




DOS Style Executable: .exe

ELF Executable (UNIX):

ELF Library (UNIX):

ELF Module (UNIX):

Java Bytecode: .class

KolibriOS Executable:

NetWare Loadable Module: .nlm

Shell Script:

UEFI Executable: .efi

Windows 16bit DLL: .dll

Windows 16bit Executable: .exe

Windows 9x Device Driver: .vxd

Windows DLL: .dll

Windows Device Driver: .sys

Windows Executable: .exe

Windows OCX File: .ocx

ACUCOBOL object:

Borland Delphi Compiled Unit: .dcu

C/C++ Source Code: .c

GUI Design Studio project: .gui

LUA Script: .lua

Library: .lib

Microsoft .NET XML Resource template: .resx

Microsoft Linker database: .ilk

Microsoft Precompiled header: .pch

Microsoft Program database: .pdb

Microsoft Visual C++ project: .mdp

Microsoft Visual Studio Solution: .sln

Microsoft Visual Studio project: .dsp

Microsoft Visual Studio workspace: .dsw

OMF Object library: .lib

PolySpace results: .chk

RDOFF Object File: .rdf

Resource Compiler Script File: .rc

Visual Studio Solution User Options: .suo

Visual Studio Widget File: .wid

Visual Studio Workspace Options file: .opt

WinDev Window: .wdw

Windows Compiled resource (32bit): .res

XPCOM Type Library: .xpt

Xcode Project: .pbxproj




Disk images

Hyper-V virtual disk: .vhdx

VMware virtual disk: .vmdk

VirtualBox virtual disk: .vdi






AbiWord document: .abw

Adobe InDesign File: .indd

Adobe PDF document: .pdf

Apple iWork Keynote document: .key

Apple iWork Pages document: .pages

Apple iWork document:

Capella document: .cap

Final Draft document: .fdr

Garmin MapSource data: .mps

Lotus Ami Pro document: .sam

Lotus Word Pro document: .lwp

Microsoft Office Open XML document:

Microsoft OneNote section file: .one

Microsoft Pocket Streets Map File: .mps

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 XML document: .pptx

Microsoft PowerPoint document: .ppt

Microsoft Visio document: .vsd

Microsoft Word 2007 XML document: .docx

Microsoft Word document: .doc

Microsoft Word for Macintosh document: .mcw

Microsoft Word2 document: .doc

Microsoft Works document: .wps

OLE Storage:

OpenOffice Writer document: .odt

OpenOffice document: .ods

PageMaker Document: .p65

PostScript document: .ps

QuarkXPress file: .qxd

QuarkXpress project: .qxp

Rich Text document: .rtf

TEX document: .tex

Text document: .txt

Unicode document: .txt

WordPerfect document: .doc

Chaoxing SSReader eBook: .pdg

EPUB eBook: .epub

FB2 eBook: .fb2

MOBI eBook: .mobi

Microsoft Reader eBook: .lit

Microsoft Reader eBook annotations: .ebo

Apple iWork Numbers document: .numbers

Lotus 1-2-3 v1 worksheet: .wks

Lotus 1-2-3 v2 worksheet: .wk1, .fmt

Lotus 1-2-3 v3 worksheet: .wk3, .fm3

Lotus 1-2-3 v4 worksheet: .wk4

Lotus 1-2-3 workbook: .123

Microsoft Excel 2/3/4 worksheet: .xls

Microsoft Excel 2007 XML document: .xlsx

Microsoft Excel 4 workbook: .xlw

Microsoft Excel document: .xls

Quattro Pro worksheet: .wq1

Cathy database: .caf

Data Interchange Format file: .dif

GDSII database: .gds

Microsoft Access 2007 XML document: .accdt

Microsoft Access 2007 database: .accdb

Microsoft Access database: .mdb

Microsoft SQL Log: .ldf

Microsoft SQL database: .mdf

MySQL Database Dictionary: .frm

MySQL database: .myi

Omnis Studio Library: .lbs

Omnis Studio database: .df1

OpenOffice Base document: .odb

dBase III database: .dbf

Microsoft Money Data: .mny

QuickBooks Backup File: .qbb

QuickBooks Primary Data File: .qbw

Quicken Data: .qdf

TurboTax return file: .tax

Compiled HTML file: .chm

HTML document: .html

Internet shortcut: .url

Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Archive: .mht

XML Schema Definition: .xsd

XML Style Sheet: .xsl

XML document: .xml

XML document (Unicode): .xml




E-Mail Message: .eml

Microsoft OutLook Personal Folder: .pst

Microsoft Outlook Inbox offline folder: .ost

Outlook Express Messages: .dbx

The Bat! Address book: .abd

The Bat! Message Base: .tbb

The Bat! Message Index: .tbi

Windows Address Book: .wab


AVHRR Satellite image: .sst

Adobe Lightroom preview: .lrprev

Adobe Photoshop image: .psd

Agfa/Matrix Scodl image: .scd

Alias Wavefront Raster image: .rla

Amiga icon: .info

ArcView Shape: .shp

AutoCAD Binary image: .dxf

AutoCAD Drawing: .dwg

AutoCAD image: .dxf

Autodesk 3DS Max file: .3ds

Autologic image: .gm, .gm2, .gm4

BMF image: .bmf

Bentley MicroStation CAD drawing: .dgn

Canon (CR2) RAW image: .cr2

Canon (CRW) RAW image: .crw

Computer Graphics Metafile image: .cgm

ComputerEyes Raw image: .ce1, .ce2

Corel Texture image: .tex

CorelDraw CMX image: .cmx

CorelDraw image: .cdr

DICOM medical image: .dcm

Digital Negative image: .dbg

Enhanced MetaFile image: .emf

Epson RAW image: .erf

Epson Stylus image: .prn

Erdas LAN/GIS image: .lan, .gis

Fractal Image Format: .fif

Freehand (MX) Project: .fh10

Fuji RAW image: .raf

GIF image: .gif

Garmin Mapsource image: .img

Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail: .thn

HP Command Language image: .pcl

HP Raster image: .rtl

HSI JPEG image: .hsi

Hemera Photo-Object Image: .hpi

Hitachi Raster image: .hrf

Hotspot image: .shg

IBM Picture Maker image: .pic

JPEG 2000: .jp2

JPEG Digital Camera: .jpg

JPEG image: .jpg

Jovian Logic image: .vi

Kodak PhotoCD image: .pcd

Kodak RAW image: .dng

LBM/IFF image: .lbm

Leica RAW image: .dng

Lightwave Object: .lwo

Lotus PIC image: .pic

Macintosh PICT image: .pct, .pic

Macintosh Paint image: .mac

Mamiya RAW image: .mef

Microsoft Paint image: .msp

Minolta RAW image: .mrw

Nikon RAW image: .nef

OS/2 Icon: .ico

Olympus RAW image: .orf

PBM image: .pbm

PGM image: .pgm

PIX image: .pix

PM image: .pm

PNG image: .png

PPM image: .ppm

PaintShop Pro image: .psp

Panasonic RAW image: .rw2

PaperPort image: .max

Pentax RAW image: .pef

Pictor PC Paint image: .pic

Quick Link II fax image: .qfx

QuickDraw 3D Metafile: .3dmf

RAW Digital Camera image: .dng

Ricoh RAW image: .dng

SGI image: .sgi

STAD image: .pac

Samsung RAW image: .dng

Seattle FilmWorks / PhotoWorks image: .pwm

Sigma RAW image: .x3f

Sketch image: .sk

SmartDraw file: .sdr

Sony RAW image: .arw

Sun Raster image: .sun

Tagged Image Format File: .tif

TargetExpress image: .mte

Webshots Image: .wb1

Weresc CADE drawing: .dtc

Windows Animated cursor: .ani

Windows Bitmap image: .bmp

Windows Color Palette: .pal

Windows Fax Cover image: .cpe

Windows MetaFile image: .wmf

Windows cursor: .cur

Windows icon: .ico

WordPerfect Graphics image: .wpg

X PixMap image: .xpm

X Window Dump image: .xwd

Xara drawing: .xar

ZSoft PCX image: .pcx

iPhoto image: .attr


Other files

Adobe PostScript Font: .pfb

Adobe Printer Font: .pfm

BDF Unix font: .bdf

BGI font: .chr

CPI DOS font: .cpi

OpenType font: .otf

TrueType font: .ttf

Windows System font: .fon


MP4 file: .mp4

Material eXchange Format: .mxf

RIFF Multimedia File:

Real Networks audio/video: .rm

AIFF sound: .aif

AY Chip music: .ay

AdLib Tracker 2 module: .a2m

Advanced Streaming Format file: .asf

Audacity audio: .au

AudioCD file: .cda

Battery 3 sample: .nov

CMF music: .cmf

Common Loudspeaker Binary: .cf1

Creative voice file: .voc

Digital Speech File: .dss

Digital voice file: .dvf

EA ASF/MUS audio file: .asf

Extended M3U playlist: .m3u

FLAC audio file: .fla, .flac

KaraBox sound: .mkf

La Lossless audio file: .la

Liquid Audio File: .la1

MIDI Instrument definition: .idf

MIDI music: .mid

MIDI stream: .mds

MPEG Layer I audio file: .mpg

MPEG Layer II audio file: .mp2

MPEG Layer III audio file: .mp3

MUS music: .mus

Monkeys audio file: .ape

Musepack audio file: .mpc

Nitro Composer sound: .minincsf

Nord Modular G2 Patch: .pch2

Ogg Vorbis audio file: .ogg

OptimFROG audio file: .ofr

Portable Sound Format: .psf

RIFF MIDI music: .rmi

Sierra AUD sound: .aud

Sony OpenMG audio file: .oma

Super NES audio file: .spc

VQF sound: .vqf

WavPack audio file: .wv

Westwood AUD sound: .aud

Windows Media Audio File: .wma

Windows WAVE sound: .wav

X-MIDI music: .xmi

ZyXEL sound: .zyx

aPac audio file: .apc

3GPP multimedia audio,video: .3gp

3GPP2 multimedia audio,video: .3g2

4X Movie video: .4xm

AMV Video: .amv

Adobe Filmstrip animation: .fsf

Autodesk Animator: .fli

BINK video: .bik

BluffTitler video: .bt

DVM video: .dvm

DeluxePaint animation: .anm

Director video: .dcr

Flash Video: .flv

Intel DVI video: .dvi

Intel Indeo Video File: .ivf

Interplay MVE video: .mve

LZA animation: .lza

Lotus ScreenCam video: .scm

MPEG Transport Stream video: .mts

MPEG video: .mpg

MPEG-2 Transport Stream video: .m2ts

Matroska video: .mkv

MythTV video: .nuv

Nullsoft Video: .nsv

QuickTime video: .mov

SGI movie format: .mv

SMJPEG Video: .mjpg

Shockwave video: .swf

Sony Movie Player video: .mqv

VOB video files: .vob

VideoCD video: .vcd

Vivo streaming video: .viv

Windows AVI video: .avi

Windows Media Video: .wmv




Other files

ABBYY Lingvo dictionary: .lsd

AIX Backup File: .bff

ArtMoney Table file: .amt

CrystalMaker Data File: .cmdf, .cmmf

Dwarf Fortress save data: .dat

EasyCrypto file: .encrypted

Fallout 3 save game: .fos

Java Applet cache index: .idx

Kaspersky Anti-Virus data base: .avc

Kaspersky Anti-Virus report: .rpt

Kaspersky Anti-Virus signature base: .kdc

Magic 3D Easy View object: .x

Microsoft Security Catalog: .cat

NHTSA UDS-1992 crash test results: .uds

NOD32 Antivirus Update file: .nup

ORTIMZeit project: .ozv

PRO100 project: .sto

PlayStation 3 Theme: .p3t

RegEdit file: .reg

RegEdit file (UNICODE): .reg

Source Game Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph: .ain

Unreal Package:

Valve Texture File: .vtf

WinHelp: .hlp

WinHelp Contents: .cnt

WinXP Prefetch file: .pf

Windows Backup File: .bkf

Windows Clipboard file: .clp

Windows Color Profile: .icm

Windows Minidump: .dmp, .mdmp

Windows National locale: .nls

Windows Password file: .pwl

Windows Registry hive: .dat, .hiv

Windows Thumbnail cache: .db

Windows User Interface Module: .wim

Windows shortcut: .lnk

X-Plane Scenery: .dsf

XNA Game Data: .xnb