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Previewing Files

Restorer Ultimate has a built-in previewer to preview both existing and deleted files before their actual recovery. This feature is especially useful to estimate chances to recover files successfully.

To preview a file

* Double-click the file

Click to expand/collapse Other ways to preview the file

> Restorer Ultimate will show the content of the file

If you have several files open in the previewer, you may instantly close all of them by selecting Close All Previews in the shortcut menu of the Contents pane.

File Previewer for Pictures:

Pictures can be previewed either as tiles within the main window of Restorer Ultimate or in an external previewer.

Within the main window as tiles:

Tile size can be changed..

Click to enlarge

Pictures as icons

In the external viewer:

Picture files can be zoomed in/out.

Click to enlarge

Picture file previewer

File Previewer for Video and Audio files:

Video and audio files can be played even without their respective application installed.

Click to enlarge

Video file previewer

File Previewer for Microsoft/Open/Libre Office Documents:

Documents can be shown (including embedded pictures) even without their respective applications installed. They can be zoomed in/out for better viewing.

Click to enlarge

Microsoft/Open/Libre Office document previewer

File Previewer for Adobe Acrobat PDF Files:

Files can be shown even without Adobe Acrobat installed.

The previewer allows the users to jump to a required page, zoom the document, and search for a required text.

Click to enlarge

Adobe Acrobat pdf document previewer

The files can be shown in different layouts and rotated. Click the View menu and select the required options.

Supported File Types: