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Data Recovery over Network

(Available on Restorer Ultimate PRO Network only)

This chapter explains how to perform data recovery operations over network.

Restorer Ultimate has network capabilities that allow the system administrator, using its computer, to restore files on any computers accessible over network.

Generally, data restoring over network is very much the same as that on a local computer.

1 Connect Restorer Ultimate to a remote computer.

Restorer Ultimate Remote Engine must run on computers where files are to be restored. This program gives Restorer Ultimate access to local disks on remote computers over network.

If the remote computer cannot start due to its corrupted operating system, you can use Restorer Ultimate Emergency Remote Engine startup disk to start the remote computer.

2 Recover files on the remote computer the same way as on the local one.

Restorer Ultimate supports the TCP/IP protocol.

All data transmitted over network are encrypted with a strong algorithm for data security.

Restorer Ultimate Remote Engine

File Recovery on a Remote Computer

Connecting over the Internet

Restorer Ultimate Emergency Remote Engine