Refund Policy

A strategy used by our company (software developer & vendor of software on the Internet) to overcome consumer resistance to making a purchase, is to offer a pre-purchase trial.

The potential buyer is invited to download the retail version of the software from our Web site and try it in the DEMO mode to get a full understanding of the software capabilities and ease of use. As well as being a licensee of the trust program and offering a satisfaction guarantee we offer fully functional version of the software that allows you to evaluate how Restorer 2000 recovers lost data and to recover any files which has a size smaller than 128 KB.

Each of the software users has to approve the license agreement before the software is installed and run. If you have any questions or claims we ask you to contact our Sales Department and work out any problems before you pay for the software.

We sell downloadable software and we can not track installation, un-installation or deleting downloadable software on customers PC. There are some cases where there was strong evidence based on a pattern, that someone was getting the software and simply asking for a refund while continuing to use the software. Sorry, but we do not issue refunds on downloadable software.