SecretBurner is a system utility that destroys all sensitive or confidential information on your computer. SecretBurner's secure delete and wipe algorithms make it impossible for your data to be undeleted or recovered by any known computer forensics technique. SecretBurner lets you permanently delete files that may contain sensitive information, including records of your online and offline activities, internet history, browser cookies, passwords and form data entered on web pages, temporary files, trace data written by various applications, and even unused disk space (which may contain remnants of previous files, even if the drive has been reformatted).

SecretBurner combines its powerful and reliable computer cleaning engine with a highly intuitive user interface. This lets novice users utilize the full range of data wiping features without enduring a learning curve or going through extensive training. Meanwhile, experienced users can quickly access advanced features from the very same interface without feeling limited or hampered by the graphical user interface.

Download SecretBurner disk cleaning and PC privacy software and try its features and functionality within 30 days!

To download and install SecretBurner, please follow the instructions:

  1. Click the Download link to start the download.
  2. Save the downloaded file in one of your directories for backup purposes.
  3. Log off and log in as administrator (if required).
  4. If the downloaded file name or its extension is corrupted but the file size is correct, please rename the downloaded file to the right name.
  5. Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation, and follow the installation wizard.
File Name SecretBurner1.exe
File Size 6.86 MB
File Date Aug 28 2012
File Build 1.1 build 198
System Requirements:
  • An Intel-compatible platform running Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit).