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Key features

Wide range of the supported file systems Wide range of the supported file systems
Deep scan and automatic data analyze Deep scan and automatic data analyze
Recovery from damaged partitions and hard drives formatted or affected by virus attack or power failure Recovery from damaged partitions and hard drives formatted or affected by virus attack or power failure
Graphic, audio and video files preview Graphic, audio and video files preview
Disk, partition or its part image creation Disk, partition or its part image creation
Advanced search by file mask, size, date etc Advanced search by file mask, size, date etc
Disk and file structure visualization Disk and file structure visualization
Damaged RAID recovery and reconstruction.* Damaged RAID recovery and reconstruction.*
Recovery over the network.** Recovery over the network.**
*Supported by Restorer Ultimate Pro
** Supported by Restorer Ultimate Pro Network only

Professional Data Recovery, Dead Simple Interface: Next Gen Data Recovery Software & File Undelete Tool for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unix disks.

For over 10 years, Bitmart, Inc. has been a leading developer of data recovery utilities. Our software is known for its "best of both worlds" combination of professional data recovery capabilities and user-friendly interface. Thanks to its intuitive design, users of all experience levels can tap into our sophisticated data recovery technology to recover lost files. Home users and tech professionals alike rely on our software and support to recover their data at a competitive price.

Recently, we've taken our signature combination of powerful technology and intuitive interface and developed software to meet another growing need among home and business users: PC privacy protection. Our newest product gives both novices and IT experts a comprehensive secure data wiping toolset with the same competitive pricing and rock solid technical support.

Data Recovery Software Disc Cleaning

Restorer Ultimate takes data recovery technology that's powerful enough for professionals and makes it easy-to-use for the everyday user. By building an intuitive front end onto our flagship data recovery suite, we've made Restorer Ultimate the ideal all-in-one tool for quick undelete operations as well as advanced file recovery, RAID recovery, disk imaging, and data recovery over network. Whether you're a home user, entrepreneur or a professional, Restorer Ultimate will dramatically increase your data recovery capabilities without breaking your budget.

Restorer Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for:

  • Do-it-yourself file recovery: Easily "undelete" documents, photos, videos, and other files from a memory card, internal hard drive, USB drive or network drive. The step-by-step wizard interface lets users of any skill level undelete lost files with the click of a button.
  • Corporate data recovery: A must-have data recovery tool for system administrators. Combines all necessary data recovery features like RAW file search with customizable file signatures, a RAID reconstruction module, and network data recovery. Restorer Ultimate can even recover data over the Internet, making it extremely helpful for technicians serving several locations.
  • Professional data recovery: Restorer Ultimate converts any laptop or computer into a powerful data recovery station. Whether you're working in-house, in the field, or remotely, you'll have all necessary professional data recovery features, including disk imaging, a text/hexadecimal editor, and even data recovery over the Internet. Restore Ultimate also includes the Restorer Ultimate Emergency Engine, which allows you to recover files from unbootable computers over a network, even if the system disk has failed or the operating system has been corrupted.

By popular demand, we've developed fully stable, fully supported versions of Restorer Ultimate for both Windows and Mac OS. Restorer Ultimate for Windows and Restorer Ultimate for Mac both share the same data recovery engine, intuitive user interface, and support for every major file system.

Restorer Ultimate - Features and Benefits

Dead Simple User Interface

  • With the wizard-style interface, advanced data recovery features can be performed by users with little to no technical knowledge.
  • Multilanguage support for the user interface.
  • Detailed help menu, online documentation and comprehensive manual help users tap the full potential of the software.

Demo Mode - Risk-free Evaluation

  • Demo mode lets you evaluate the full range of Restorer Ultimate's analysis and recovery features. You can walk through a data recovery procedure all the way up until the point when a recovered file is to be saved. Then you may either save a file up to 128 KB in size, or preview a larger file. This lets you preview the extent to which you can recover your data before you invest in a license.
  • On-the-fly activation lets you purchase a registration key and complete your data recovery without restarting the process.
  • Demo mode can also be installed on remote PCs to aid in data recovery over network or Internet.

Data Recovery Features

  • Recover data and discover deleted files from file systems created by all major platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Unix.
  • SmartScan data recovery technology gives you customized control even when recovering from corrupted or reformatted partitions.
  • Restore deleted files with a quick undelete, or perform a deep scan to recover previous partitions and file meta data.
  • Search for known file types or customize a file signature search.
  • Narrow your search among thousands of results with easy filtering.
  • File view for many document, graphics, video, and audio file formats.
  • Integrated multimedia view for graphics, video, and audio files. Estimate your chances for successful file recovery, even in Demo mode.
  • Disk and region imaging is supported.
  • Built-in text/hexadecimal editor.

RAID Reconstruction Module

  • Restorer Ultimate can even recover data from a RAID. Restorer Ultimate's built-in RAID reconstruction module and virtual RAID functionality allow you to recover data from failed or corrupted RAIDs with ease. No need to invest in additional software.

Network Data Recovery (available in Restorer Ultimate Network edition)

  • Network data recovery is an essential tool, especially for complex or constrained recovery jobs. With network data recovery, you can analyze local disks from another machine without booting the system disk or physically removing the drive. For difficult to disassemble notebooks, corporate servers with advanced RAID controllers, unbootable systems, and mobile devices without removable storage, network data recovery is often the only solution. Restorer Ultimate also works over the Internet.

No matter which data recovery tool you use, we urge you to NEVER write new data to the logical disk where the lost data resided. This includes installing applications, writing recovered files, or saving a disk image. To prevent further compromise of your lost data, Restorer Ultimate data recovery software uses read-only access to drives and never writes data to the disk.

We recommend that you download Restorer Ultimate and test it in the DEMO mode before you purchase the software. The DEMO mode provides you with a clear picture of the software capabilities and ease of use.

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